ISW Corporation provides a wide range of mist eliminator units mostly used for separating and collecting water droplets from process gases and mist from smoke desulfurization systems.    Mist eliminator systems are used in many applications:

  • petroleum refining
  • oil & gas
  • chemical
  • water treating industries
  • industrial kitchens

Oil or water mist in exhaust streams is typically a potential health and environmental hazard.    When the mist or exhaust gas passes through the knitted wire mesh, the mist moves freely through the mesh.  However, as the liquid droplets come in contact with the knitted mesh they adhere onto the surface of the wires and build into larger droplets that drop out do to gravity force.  This process of removing toxic gases, oil mist or sulphuric acid gas has a removal efficiency as much as 99%.  Knitted wire mesh pads have no moving parts, can be made of high grade stainless steel and require little maintenance, therefore they are the most economical solution.


  • Good separation rate (oil droplets 5 – 40 um)
  • Highly efficient dehumidifying characteristic
  • Low pressure losses
  • High removal efficiency  98-99% attainable
  • No maintenance or service required
  • Easily installed in existing vessels
  • Corrosion resistant properties
  • Use to control air pollution
  • Minimize product loss of water / oil / solvents and returns to process


  • Eliminates visible oil mist.
  • Suitable for gas turbines, steam turbines and diesel engines.
  • Discharges clean air to atmosphere.
  • Eliminates oil stains, reduces environmental pollution – improves site conditions.


Style Density kg/m3 Density lb/ft3 FreeVolume % SurfaceArea m2/m3
H 80 5.0 99 158
L 120 7.5 98.5 210
N 144 9.0 98.2 280
SN 128 8.0 98.4 460
SL 193 12.0 97.5 375
SM 300 18.7 96.2 575
SH 390 24.3 95 750
T 220 13.7 97.2 905
R 432 27.0 94.5 1780
W 220 13.7 97.2 428
GS 160 10.0 96.7 5000
H-Style Can permit highest vapor velocities for mist load than any other styles. Used in case of low-pressure loss is required, or when cloggin may occur, or when the removal of larger mist or high efficiency is not required. Usually used 150 m/m thickness. As for the efficiency equivalent to SL-Style, used in 200 m/m thickness
N-Style For all round use. It has 95-99% efficiency against 8μ mist at 1-5 m/sec velocity.
SL-Style Used when high efficiency is required. Though pressure loss is increased slightly, it is considered to have 95-98% efficiency against 3μ mist at 1-6 m/sec velocity. This S-Style is especially needed when approximately 90% efficiency at 1 m/sec velocity is required.
T-Style Used when removing of approximately 2μ-3μ mist. Especially when the entrainment is 1.0 gr/m³ or less; 200 m/m to 300 m/m thickness is used.
R-Style Used for removing of every minute mist of approximately 1μ. The most efficient type for its thickness.

Standard Grid Specifications :

Width: 15 to 50 mm

Thickness:  2.0mm to 6mm

Rod Diameter:  4.0mm to 10mm

Material:  Same as Knitted Wire Mesh Type


Knitted wire mesh elements are commonly used in industrial cooking extractors to eliminate entrained grease and fat from being drawn into the extraction ducts, reducing the risk of fire hazards and also providing essential protection to expensive motors and blowers.

Knitted wire mesh filters provides a collection system offering a low resistance with maximum efficiency up to 98%.  A knitted mesh pad is designed with a specific thickness, density and wire size to optimize separation efficiency and flow capacity for expected process conditions.  Knitted mesh pads can often be replaced re-using the support channel frame and grid over again.

Construction is typically from multiple layers of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel crimped knitted mesh, enclosed in a channel frame with either expanded metal or welded metal fascias front and back. Handles can be incorporated to the frames to aid removal for cleaning and replacement. There are many stock sizes available in a range of materials, however low cost custom made sizes are easily catered for.

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