KNITTED WIRE MESH BULK ROLLS are typically made from a single or double wire that is knitted to form a spring like & flexible wire mesh of interlocking loops much like hockey socks or sweaters are made. Knitted Wire Mesh is a high strength and flexible material that has unlimited uses and applications in many industries.

Knitted wire mesh can be used alone as a insulation blanket, demister pad, mist eliminator, pre-filter or formed and molded into many unique products such as gaskets and seals for deep filtration, EMI / RFI shielding and many automotive applications.

knitted wire mesh


Available Materials / Alloy:

Stainless Steel: 304, 304L, 316L  430, 434

Inconel, Monel

Copper, Brass


Mild Steel (plain & galvanized)

Wire Diameter:

0.002″ – 0.030″ (Most common size:  .008″, .095″ & .011″

Roll Widths:

1″ – 43” (Most common: 4″ 6″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, or 42″)

Weight / Density:




Stainless Steel:

13 lbs/sqft

18 lbs/sqft

24 lbs/sqft

Hole Density:


60 holes/inch

Crimping / Corrugation:  


Up to 30”

Material Selection:

Stainless steel – most commonly used in automotive, industrial applications EMI/RF Shielding for excellent corrosion and temperature resistance.

Inconel – High temperature applications, up to 2300 F

Aluminium – for numerous industrial, aerospace and military applications.

Copper – in round or flat wire for welding protection pads, pest control, plastic industry cleaning and nickel filters.


  • Double ply construction that can be cut open for easy installation

  • Cut to length rolls

  • Rapid, cost-effective prototypes are available from our in house tool and die shop to reduce development time.


  • Blankets and Curtains  in Machine or Equipment Isolation

  • Mining Industry

  • Liquid filtration or separation in plastics, oil & gas, diesel fuels, water treatment and food processing, etc.

  • Air Filtration for engines, industrial kitchens, air conditioning systems, industrial vacuum, exhaust systems, air compressors and dryers, etc.

  • Insulation or hot side support material that is flexible, removable and reusable to with stand extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

  • Insulation or filtration as an alternative to steel wool where loose fibers or fallout is a concern.

  • Oil Mist Separation, Mist Eliminators or Demister pads for oil & gas, utilities and commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

How to Order:

Please specify:

BULK ROLLS:  Metal Alloy, Roll Width, Roll Length, Wire Diameter, Density, if crimping or corrugation is required and order quantity.

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