“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

PESTPLUG™ is extremely effective in keeping rodents and pests out of commercial buildings, structures, RV’s and homes because pests can not chew or burrow through it.  Pestplug™ is made from a proprietary process that stitches multiple layers of coarse prickly stainless steel fibers together.  Pestplug is also RUST FREE unlike other household steel wool products.  When properly installed, it forms a protective barrier that is virtually impassible by rodents, bats, scorpions, lizards, and other pests.   Pestplug is very easy to install and it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY so you do not need to use pesticides, chemicals or even poison.

PestPlug is made from 100% RUST FREE Steel Wool with no plastic fibers so all the fibers are prickly and offensive to pests.
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  • Our Steel Wool Rolls are made from superior quality raw materials that are specially produced  to create improved fiber strength for demanding applications.
  • A steel wool roll is a continuous ribbon of steel wool that is approximately ½” thick and 4” wide that is compactly wound onto a 4″ wide cardboard core.
  • Standard size steel wool rolls are: 250g, 1lb, 5lb and 20lbs.


Common Entry Points for Rodents & Pests

  • Weep holes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weep_hole)
  • Gaps around pipes passing through walls such as plumbing for AC units
  • Under ground electrical pipes or outside electrical conduit that will allow rats or mice to enter and burrow inside and eventually they chew away at the electrical insulation that cause fires or power outages.
  • Gaps between foundations and sill plates or framing in homes,barns, farm silos and metal buildings.
  • Any hole as small as 1/4″ in diameter could be an entry point for a mouse or other small creature.

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Pestplug Best Seller: 4″ Wide x 10′ Long

Pestplug Economy / Retail Kit

Pestplug Contractor Kit: 4″ x 25′

Pestplug 1.5″ x 15′ Long Kit

Pestplug Ground Cover – up to 80″ wide

ISW Texsteel blanket

Pestplug: Bulk Roll Kit

Pestplug Builders Kit: 3″ Wide x 100′ Long

Pestplug commercial building bulk roll for sill plates