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A leading manufacturer of insulation, filtration, sound dampening and other commercial products derived from steel wool, knitted wire mesh or thermal insulating materials

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ISW Corporation Inc (formerly known as International Steel Wool) has a history dating back almost 100 years. Founded in 1924, International Steel Wool was originally one of the largest manufacturers of steel wool in the world. With a strong design and engineering team, we can provide innovative solutions for many automotive, industrial and commercial applications. For prompt quoting and convenient product development and manufacturing capabilities in the Midwest, please just give us a call to see what we can do for you.
Commercial grade carbon steel wool and stainless steel wool rolls and steel wool hand pads.
  • Steel Wool Floor Pads for polishing or crystallizing marble and granite floors
  • Muffler Packing for high performance vehicles, sand rails, motorcycles and ATV’s.
  • Bulk Knitted Wire Mesh, Woven Mesh, gaskets, and seals.
  • Knitted Mesh Demisters / Mist Eliminators
  • Pestplug – Stainless steel wool for Pest Contol to keep rodents from entering your home or business.
  • Tuffwool steel wool products that are made for attaching to power tools for polishing glass, marble, granite, metal and other surfaces.
Texsteel / steel wool blankets for insulation and sound absorption applications.                          
  • Steel wool rolls and Wire Mesh cathode material for heavy metal separation, mining and industrial filtration or separation.
  • Premium ultra fine steel wool rolls for wood manufacturers or antique restoration of furniture, flooring and cabinets.
  • Steel Fibers for concrete reinforcement.
  • Fiberglass and Ceramic industrial insulation rolls and die cutting
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Pads for dry cleaning and hot press laminating industries.

ISW Products for Environment Care

While Steel Wool is best known for cleaning pots and pans, it is also widely used in keeping our environment clean from industrial wastes and byproducts and in many other industries such as: mining, photo development, water treatment plants, petrochemical, and pharmaceuticals. Steel Wool, Stainless Steel Wool and Knitted Wire Mesh play an important role in preventing pollutants from contaminating the air and soil by separating contaminants, oils, toxins and heavy metals from emissions and wastewaters. Stainless steel wool blankets can also be used to prevent soil erosion on riverbanks caused by rodents.