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Tuffwool™ Discs & Pads

TUFFWOOL is combination of steel wool and a soft absorbent felt material that is mechanically interlocked to form a tough long lasting abrasive. These pads are great for commercial and industrial applications because they can attach to hook and loop pads on power tools.


– Can be used with power tools
– Won’t ball up or shred like conventional steel wool pads or roll material
– Soft felt backing that is a binder and absorbent
– Re-usable
– Also available in stainless steel wool or bronze

Standard Sizes

Can be used alone or with a cleaning or polishing compound
  • GLASS CLEANING & POLISHING – Shower stalls, windshields, headlights, mirrors, windows, etc
  • WOOD SMOOTHING OR BUFFING – Furniture, cabinets, baseboards, woodwork or paneling.
  • METAL POLISHING – COPPER, BRASS, STAINLESS, ALUMINUM other ALLOYS – Decorative metal fixtures, hardware, metal trim, railings, moldings, wheels, etc.
  • CHROME – Mufflers & muffler tips, automotive trim, motorcycle parts, bumpers, etc (Not to be used on plastic chromed parts.)
  • PLASTIC – Scratch removal from ATV or MX body parts, sleds or other colored plastic items. (Not to be used on acrylic, clear or painted plastic.
Can be used alone or with a cleaning or polishing compound
  • Fiber Length 1.0” 1.5” and 2.0” in (25, 38 mm and 50 mm)
  • Equivalent Diameter 0.045” (1.14 mm)
  • Available Aspect Ratio 22, 34 and 44
  • Tensile Strength 140-180 Kpsi (966-1242 MPa)
  • Deformation Continuously deformed circular segment
  • Appearance Bright and clean carbon steel wire
Glass Hard Water Stains #0000, Finest
Chrome & Mirror Polishing #0000, Finest
Wood Finishing — Smooth finishes or buffing wood to a high luster #0000 or 000
Cleaning Precision Tools #0000, Finest
ATV/MX Plastic Scratch Repair #0000, Finest
Wood or Metal Paint Stripping #1, 2 or 3
Polish or Restore Copper, Brass, Aluminum and other metals #00 Fine
Smoothing wood or metal for primer coat #0 or 1
Clean copper pipes and fitting for soldering #1
Paint Clean Up #0 – 2 (depending on media)
Removing gloss coat from wood or metal #0 or 1