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Floor Pads And Polishing Discs

Floor Pads and Polishing Discs

Steel Wool Floor Pads — “The Choice of Professionals” Why Choose Steel Wood Floor Pads?

Steel wool floor pads possess many features and benefits that make them suitable for use for professionally cleaning and polishing wood, marble and granite floors. Steel wool floor pads are more absorbent, stronger, and more effective at cleaning the grime off floors than synthetic floor pads so the job can be done more efficiently… after all Time is Money!

When properly used with crystallizers (see below) or polishing compounds on marble, granite, travertine and terrazzo floors it is one of the most effective and lowest cost solutions for floor care. Bargain priced pads are not always better. Synthetics may cost less up front, but it takes several synthetic floor pads to do the job of just ONE Steel Wool floor pad.

The QUALITY of the polishing, crystallizing, or stripping is superior with STEEL WOOL floor pads. Steel Wool pads are made up of thousands of tough steel fibers that provide better contact at the surface at the optimal angle to produce a SMOOTHER FINISH or a MIRROR-LIKE finish that will make your floor POP!


Common Grades and Applications

0000 or 000 Finest & Very Fine Buffs wood floors, shellac, lacquer and varnish (use with wax or oil.)
00 Fine Smoothes wood floors of stains, heel marks and scratch repair.
0 Medium-Fine Cleaning, polishing many surface types and crystallizing marble & polishing granite.
1 Medium Cleaning and dry scrubbing many surface types.
2 Medium-Coarse Stripping floors for wax or scrubbing rough floors. Crystallizing marble or granite and smoothing out scratches.
3 or 4 Very Coarse Removing paint and Varnish; smoothing and buffing rough wood floors. Crystallizing marble or granite and smoothing out scratches.
Stainless Steel Wood Fine, Medium or Coarse For light colored floors or grout and concrete. Does not bleed.
Manufactured in diameters ranging from 5″ to 24″

Can be individually poly sealed to keep out moisture and to keep pads clean

They cling easily to the fiber brush on any disc-type floor machine and they’re reversible for longer life

Designed and constructed to eliminate scratching -no welds, wire stays or stitches-provides not only the strength necessary to cut through the dirt, but the gentleness to ensure against scratching.


Jumbo Steel Wool Floor Pads

Whether the job calls for stripping a tough, dirty, paste-wax build-up or buffing a beautiful parquet floor to a brilliant luster, or applying a crystallizer, JUMBO Steel Wool Floor Pads are the premium solution for floor maintenance.Thick and fluffy for high absorbency and minimum clogging. The fullness and springiness of these hand wrapped pads, allows it to cut through the grime quicker while providing room within the pad to absorb more of what it cuts as it cleans. Designed to provide maximum surface contact at the optimal angles for a mirror-like reflective finish.JUMBO Floor Pads can be shaken out and used over and over for cleaning, dry scrubbing, polishing or finishing almost any type of floor. And they’re reversible for even longer life.

“…If you really want the floor to “POP”, use an JUMBO STEEL WOOL PAD to do the job”

Texsteel Floor Pads

Brilliant for polishing and buffing, the needle-punched construction of the TEXSTEEL Floor Pads makes them ideal for special problems like rough or uneven floors. The pads are tougher, stronger and more compact than any other pad. They won’t tear, shred, fray at the edges, and have less tendency to roll or bunch up.Designed for maximum performance. Turn on the floor machine and hundreds of long strands of quality steel wool meet dirt, old or new wax at right angle for maximum efficiency. Radial action expertly cleans, dry scrubs, buffs, wax finishes or polishes floors of every description.Made to do the job right, economically. Priced competitively with ordinary steel wool floor pads, TEXSTEEL Floor Pads outperform and outlast even the so-called “premium” or “heavy duty” pads.

“I can strip thousands of square feet of floor with one TEXSTEEL steel wool pad, before I could only do a couple hundred square feet with one synthetic pad”


ISW SPRAY AND BUFF CRYSTALLIZER is an economical and very effective marble polish for use on all calcium-based surfaces. Ideal for maintenance and restoration of polished surfaces and for worn or etched areas. Our Crystallizer has been tested and approved by industry professionals to be a superior choice to restore a natural high shine to your marble floors. Use On: Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine and other calcium based stones Always test a small area to check for desired outcome. Equipment: Standard low speed floor machine, Steel Wool floor pad, spray bottle with adjustable nozzle. Coverage: 2,500 ft/gallon initial application. 15,000 ft/gallon maintenance.