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Water Quality / Filtration

Steel Wool Cartridges Widely used for heavy metal separation, silver recovery and electrowinning process. Read More Demister Pads Widely used for mist elimination water/oil separation and commercial fryers. Read More Texsteel Stainless Steel Wool Blankets Widely used to remove dissolved minerals for stormwater runoff or industrial processes. Read More Knitted Wire Mesh Widely used in […]

Sound Attenuation

ISW PRODUCTS FOR SOUND ATTENUATION – NOISE DAMPENING Wire Mesh Pressed Components Read More Fiberglass or Ceramic Insulation Read More Texsteel Stainless Steel Wool Blankets or Die Cuts Read More Stainless Steel Wool Exhaust / Muffler Packing Read More

Stainless Steel Insulation Pads

Since the 1930’s ISW has been producing Stainless Steel Insulation pads from wire mesh and or in combination with Stainless steel wool for the laundry and dry cleaning and press laminating industry. Our SS Mesh Pads act as an insulator from the heated platen or press and is durable and resilient to corrosion from high […]

High Temp – Stainless Steel Fiber Mat (SS Fiber Mat)

SS Fiber Mat is a non-shedding stainless steel porous media that is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. SS Fiber Mat is comprised of a special alloy of stainless steel fibers that layered and sintered in a high temperature vacuum furnace. SS Fiber Mat is widely used in many automotive, industrial and filtration […]

ISW Brand Needled Mat

FIBERGLASS NEEDLED MAT: low cost insulation that provides an excellent source of both thermal and acoustic insulation. Most popular selection for motorcycle, atv, etc exhaust packing, petrochemical refineries, and for die-cut applications. Our OEM quality mat is made in the USA with superior fiber strength and low shot content. CERAMIC NEEDLED MAT: Made from high […]

Silver Recovery / Electrowinning

STEEL WOOL FOR ELECTROWINNING, METAL SEPARATION & RECOVERY Steel wool rolls or steel wool fibers are commonly used for METAL SEPARATION to lower or separate GOLD, SILVER, NICKEL & COPPER and other heavy metal ion contaminants. Common uses are in discharge water, fixer solutions from X ray film processors, and spent baths from Electroless Plating […]

Dry Cleaning Pads

METAL MESH PRESS PADS FOR THE LAUNDRY & HOT PRESS INDUSTRY As the original Texsteel / Metal Mesh pad manufacturer since the 1930’s, ISW Corporation is proud to resume operations of the METAL MESH / TEXSTEEL PRESS PAD department since acquiring the assets from FH Bonn Co. ISW’s TEXSTEEL Pads are engineered to meet the […]

Concrete Reinforcement Fibers

Xorex Steel Fibers For more effective concrete reinforcement, choose ISW’s Xorex Steel Fibers that are produced from low carbon cold drawn steel that meets ASTM A820 standards. Our fibers are widely used for concrete mixing and are more economical to use versus traditional reinforcement methods of rebar and mesh. – Xorex Fibers comply with ASTM […]

Knitted Wire Mesh Components

Knitted wire mesh components are formed or pressed into various shapes such as discs, cylinders, rings or squares that are widely used in automotive and industrial applications for filtration, sealing, anti-Vibration, Sound Attenuation and heat absorption. Knitted wire mesh components can virtually be produced in any size, shape, or density to enable easy assembly, riveting […]

Mist Elimination / Demisters

ISW Corporation is a custom manufacturer of a wide range of mist eliminator units used for separating and collecting water or oil droplets from process gases and mist from smoke elimination systems.    Mist eliminator systems are used in many applications: Petroleum refining Oil & gas Chemical Water treating industries Industrial kitchens Oil or water mist […]