ISW KNITTED WIRE MESH – Bulk Rolls & Fabricated Components

Knitted Wire Mesh is a high strength and flexible material that has unlimited uses and applications in many industries as indicated below.   Knitted wire mesh, either in the form of rope or compressed component, is very suitable for high temperature applications where other materials would fail in operation. Knitted wire component can be produced in any size, shape, and density to enable riveting or spot welding keeping assembly and fastening costs to a minimum.   ISW is focused on Industrial, commercial & automotive applications such as:

Automotive Applications

Air Bag Filters.

Exhaust Gaskets/Seals.

Muffler Packing.


Catalytic Convertor.


Diesel injector filters

Oil & Gas Applications

Mist Elimination.

Insulation Jackets.

Noise Suppression.

Vibration Dampening.

Heat Shields.

Industrial Applications

Insulating Jackets.

Heat Shields.

EMI/RF Shielding.

Air/Liquid Filtration.

Vibration & Noise. Dampening.

Silencers in air tools.

Copper Mesh for plastic molding.

Commercial Applications

ISW crimped knitted wire mesh

Grease Filters.

Air Filtration.

Spark / Flame Arresting Panels.

Lint trap.

Cable wrap.

Ground wire mesh.


With prompt customer service and convenient product development and manufacturing capabilities in the Detroit Metro, ISW can be your source for knitted wire mesh.

  • Insulation or hot side support material that is flexible, Removable and Reusable to with stand extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

  • Insulation or filtration as an alternative to steel wool where loose fibers or fallout is a concern.

  • Oil Mist Separation, Mist Eliminators or Demister pads for oil & gas, utilities and commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

  • Sound Attenuation filter in pneumatic tools and vacuum

  • Cryogenic gaskets, seals & discs.

  • Automotive exhaust air gap spacers, flex joint seals and air bag filters.

  • Pre-filter for coarse dust in the heating and ventilation systems.

  • Gas turbine and compressed air inlet / outlet filter.

  • Engine exhaust muffler packing.

  • EMI / RFI Shielding.