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Synthetic Floor Pads

Stripping Pads

Synthetic Steel Wool Stripping pads are designed to get the surface back to its original condition. They are by nature a heavier denier fiber and may contain a more aggressive grit. Elephant Brand pads are specifically designed with a more open weave to permit the chemical to do its job as it is agitated by the pad. Machine Speed: Up to 350 RPM.

Brown High Performance – Our most aggressive stripping pad.
Emerald High Performance – Cut stripping time significantly.
Ultra-High Performance – Extremely durable for tougher stripping jobs.
Black Stripping – Long lasting heavy duty stripping.
– Brown Dry Strip – For fast uniform stripping wet or dry.

Scrubbing / Cleaning Pads

Synthetic Steel Wool Pads Scrubbing / Cleaning Pads are used for a range of purposes from light stripping to heavy duty scrubbing. Choose these pads to remove heavily soiled areas and most scuff marks prior to re-coating. Machine speed up to 350 RPM.

Green Scrubbing/Cleaning
Blue Scrubbing/Cleaning
Red Light Duty
Red 40

Polishing Pads

Elephant Brand Synthetic Steel Wool polishing pads bring out the shine on floors with conventional speed equipment. They are also used for removing light scuff marks. Machine speed 175 to 350 RPM.

Tan Polish – For dry polishing buffable finishes.
White Polish – For dry polishing or with fine water mist to ensure high gloss.

Brushing Pads

Elephant Brand polishing pads bring out the shine on floors with conventional speed equipment. They are also used for removing light scuff marks. Machine speed 175 to 350 RPM.

Elly Pads (Bio Degradable)

Elephant Brand ELLY (Bio Degradable) Floor Pads are made with fiber from plants, not oil based materials, and have earned the USDA Biobased Product Certification Label. The fiber used in the pad is produced from Ingeo, a 100 percent plant based pellet. The manufacturing technology reduces carbon emissions by 80 percent vs. oil-based pad manufacturing.

Natural Hair Pad (Hog’s Hair)

Elephant Brand Hog’s Hair pads are commonly used for buffing natural stone floors with polishing powders & compounds to create a natural appearance to a high gloss and sheen. A process similar to crystallization with steel wool floor pads, but requires more clean up. Use a 175 rpm weighted floor pad machine.

Natural (Hog’s Hair) & Poly Blend Pad

Elephant Brand Hog’s Hair and Poly blend pad creates a unique floor pad that will create a wet look finish that will not glaze over. For cleaning, just brush away the dried wax with the die cut center. Used for stone and marble maintenance

Hairless Hair Burnishing Pad

Elephant Brand Hairless Hair Pad provides the same result as a typical hog hair pad, but without the “burnt animal hair” smell when it heats up. The pad is useful for hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and other facilities that may have occupants nearby during cleaning operations.

Synthetic Steel Wool Hand Pads

Synthetic Steel Wool hand pads are essential and Elephant Brand covers the spectrum of usage. Choose from the work horse and industry standard 96 to cellulose. This is the one stop for consistent quality and on-time delivery.

49 White Fine: 6″ x 9″
96 Green Medium: 6″ x 9″
86 Green Heavy Duty: 6″ x 9″
88 Ultra Duty Pot and Pan Pad: 3 ½” x 5″

Synthetic Steel Wool – High Performance Utility Pads

Ultra High Performance: 4 ½” x 10″
Emerald High Performance: 4 ½” x 10″

Synthetic Steel Wool – Utility Pads

White Light Duty: 4 ½” x 10″
Red Medium-Light Duty: 4 ½” x 10″
Blue Medium Duty: 4 ½” x 10″
Brown Heavy Duty: 4 ½” x 10″
Black Heavy Duty: 4 ½” x 10″